Michael Lau 10th Anniversary

August 29, 2009


My brother and I have been ML fans since the day he put out his 1st edition 6″ tattoo. Who would’ve thought it’s been 10 years since ML revolutionized the vinyl art movement. Every piece of work that he has created has sold out and made waves in the industry. A cult is what Michael has created in the toys industry.

September 29th marks the day ML celebrates a decade in toys culminating in the GARDENER 10th EXHIBITION at De La Barracuda, Los Angeles, and leading unto other venues while touring the West.
Here are some event details:

EVENT: Gardener 10th Exhibition
DATE : 09.29 – 10.03.2009 (09.29 reception is by invitation only)
WHERE: De La Barracuda, 7769 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA
Tel: (323) 852 7179

For those who are around the De la Barracuda… please don’t miss this opportunity to check out the exhibition.

2 Responses to Michael Lau 10th Anniversary

  1. Kevin says:

    How do you get an invitation? Please advise.

  2. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    There is no way to get a VIP invite unless you are a personality, involved in the industry, or media. Plus VIP invites are only hand picked and given to selected people by Michael and Mind Style.
    At this stage all VIP invites have already gone out and none are available anymore. If you wanna get your hustle on, give Mind Style a call and see how you go. Good luck Kevin ;o)

    Never the less, the exhibition is open to general public from September 20, 2009 to Saturday, October 3, 2009. So you are more than welcome to visit De La Barracuda, 7769 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California to check it out.

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