Movie Review : Manda Bala (Send A Bullet)

August 31, 2009


Send A Bullet, is a riveting documentary that explores the rich and the poor spectrums of the Brazilian economic infrastructure.  Send a Bullet inquire into the lives of people that have been affected by political injustice, violence and the terrorizing kidnapping plague that runs through the wealthy city of San Paolo (up to one kidnapping per day).


Send a Bullet explores the lives of a Frog Farmer who run a Frog Farm that is used to launder corrupt money from the Brazilian government, Kidnap victim who went through a 16 day torturous ordeal, a plastic surgeon who overcame the poverty line through extensive work reconstructing the torn/sliced ears of kidnap victims (a common practice whilst trying to obtain more ransom dollars), a kidnapper who strategically kidnaps innocent people for ransom and all the people that are trying to put an end to the violence and corruption.


The interesting thing about this documentary is my understanding of the victims of Brazil… the victims who suffer for their successes (victims of kidnapping/robberies) and the criminals who are victims of poverty, disease and starvation.  Send A Bullet proves time and time again why the Brazilian government are the real criminals, through greedy financial motivations and lack of attention to poverty.


I felt the documentary gave a great insight to the immorality of the Brazilian Government. Each argument was completely unbiased and displayed raw emotion and reasoning on each side…


Send A Bullet is brilliantly put together documentary and was deserving of the Sundance accolades.

Fat Kids Rating : 8/10


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