LOMO LC-A 25th anniversary

August 6, 2009

It’s been 25 years since the iconic LOMO LC-A graced the analogue world with its extraordinarily colorful pictures framed with vignettes. To celebrate this special occasion, they releasing the first ever LOMO LC-A+ special edition – LOMO LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Edition.


It’s the same pocket-sized, robust, Minitar-eyed LOMO LC-A+ that we’ve loved, capable of bringing you pictures with the deepest saturation and punchy contrast, and shadowy vignettes, a look that’s distinctly LOMO.


The Anniversary Edition boasts a textured skin and the 25th Anniversary badge on its body. To top it all off, the package is presented in a commemorative wooden box, proudly stamped with the 25th Anniversary logo. Definitely a must have for all lomographers.


One Response to LOMO LC-A 25th anniversary

  1. Nai Zi says:

    AAAHH!! I'm in love!

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