FLUD WATCH (Give Away)

August 20, 2009



You got that right… to celebrate the launch of our new home, we at Fat Kids and the kind people at Flud watches are giving one person the chance to WIN a FREE Tableturns watch.



We love to make things easy for everyone so all you need to do is leave a comment below about why you think Flud are sick & finish your comment with “Fat Kids are……”


GOOD LUCK to everyone and we hope you WIN this watch! ;o)

ps. competition ends 20th September 2009 (Sunday) at 12pm EST.

18 Responses to FLUD WATCH (Give Away)

  1. Royal says:

    Flud watches are sick because their entire line remains ahead of the curve. Ahead of the curve in the sense that Flud watches are for trendsetters and those who remain fresher then the masses. The Flud collection is so illy due to the fact that all of their wrist art is designed to compliment a wide range of people. From the guy working a 9 to 5 in a cubicle…to cats sitting in class 4 to 6 hours a day…to the late-night warrior hitting the club scene, Flud offers a variety to fit all walks of life and transition between them.
    Fat Kids are…cooler than a polar bears toenails.

  2. blacky says:

    what’s doper than a turntable watch? nothing! except maybe a boombox watch.
    the fattest kid

  3. Trinity says:

    Flud watches are something I’d own every one, of every color in if I had the paper… their designs are minimalist, sleek, fly and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick =p
    Love their stuff and love the Fat Kids!! SIMPLE AS PIMPLE BABY
    Oh and cant forget that Fat Kids are……so fly they’d be able to find life in a different galaxy!

  4. Nidge says:

    Flud Watches should be the instrument of time for every muther efffer Out There!!! Big Props to Flud for Jumpin on The FAT KIDS Gravy Train!! i can now hopefully smash my sundial!! woooohooo!! FATkids are even doper than the skunk i scored in the UK!! DRUGS ARE BAD!! werd………………….

  5. Fatsak says:

    flud watches are incredible, they are made to cater to the true believers and followers and not to the un-converted masses, yet they have a sense of style that possesses the ability to convert the unconverted masses to a fresh, funky, and original way of expressing one’s self through the simple means of Keeping Time!

    Fat Kids are……….what they wanna be, but are always the leaders of they’re own domain no matter what that may be!

  6. A-trak says:

    flud watches = the snizznit

    The only watch that goes well with nakedness, cowboy boots and russian mail order brides. (this was scientifically verified on June 3)

    Fat Kids are bigger than King Kong

  7. Tune@#$%! says:

    Flud watches are dope period. This watch would make anyone fresh to death!!!!
    I need this watch! Help me out yo! haha.

    Fat Kids are all about the culture!

  8. DGK says:

    Flud watches are sick cos their brand name’s out of the norm which is reflected on all of their insanely dope products. Word.

    Fat kids are stuntin’ like their daddy’s and hotter than mommas fried chicken, son!!!

  9. Pierre says:

    My Kicks so fly you see nothing but clouds below ‘em, they blessed,

    tee black and fresh but no expiry date, style can’t be missed,

    Flud watches sick to death, number 1 on my gotta-get list,

    Fat kids are the ones to drop another certified winner on my wrist…

    Thanks for the mad posts week after week, Fat Kids are to me what oreos are to fat kids; guaranteed obsession.

  10. Tza says:

    Oooh breakn FLUD down..!

    F… fo fresh ta death !

    L… fo lush as F*#K !

    U… fo uncut.. this sht b raw !

    D… fo dope.. def mo doper then u !

    And fat kids..? Fat kids be all of the above.. Fat kids = FLUD !

  11. Tatie-kakes says:

    FLUD watches are banga becuase noone else can compare to the cutting edge style and fresh shiny faces… Never be late again… FAT KIDS are off the heezy!!

  12. kevin says:


  13. Oxcyde says:

    This design is sicker than swine flu – hands down!
    Who could have thought a 1200 could tell the time?


    FAT KIDS are so fat they pour mayo on their blogs.

  14. Just a dancer says:

    Flud watches look so awesome!!! It’s just so HIP HOP. and what more would could you want than hiphop? I must say it is one fresh ass watch!

    Fat kids, are F*#KING HUGGABLE!

  15. aaaddd says:

    This Flud watch is awesome because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TURNTABLE watch ever!

    Fat Kids? Addictive blog and I’d never miss Simply Bread for anything!

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  18. ryyaaannnn says:

    cossss im rhymin with my lyrical abilities
    droppin lines all da timee keeps my mind feelin ease

    wipin out any haters like a verball tsu-naa-mii
    fresh ta deathh and soundin like some old skool biz markiiiee

    got my cash in a clipp.. cell phone on ma hipp..
    with my fitted on a dip.. ya – cant – see meeeee
    andd immm bustin out these rhymess.. while im steady on ma grind..
    got money on ma mindd.. status like a VIP

    headphones on my earsss.. air jordans on my feet..
    spittin out lyrics to that krs one beat..

    got noo choice but ta winn.. slackin off is a sin
    got that drive deep within.. i know y’all feelin mee

    but hellll nooo.. wats this.. i got nothin on my wrist..
    for my style ta exist.. needs some decks with a twist..

    and fat kids be da ishhh.. flud watches be da ishhh..
    em cee ryy be da ishh.. i hope y’alll hearin mee

    but if ya didnnttt knowww.. now ya knowwwwwww..

    hahaha.. flud watches are cold as ice mann.. need to cop me one ay-sap

    ezy y’all.. much love.. maintain the peace..

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