Coney Plush by Candykiller

August 27, 2009

They’ve finally arrived…. Bigshot toyworks just announced their latest Coney Plush release.


The “Coney” plush is based on Brian Taylor’s (one of the best character designers) artwork, or better known as “Candykiller”. It was apparently a challenge to develop a plush figure that did his work justice, but after much sweat and tears, they’ve got it spot on.

The Coney is made of high- quality canvas (with the artwork silk-screened), and stands 14″ tall, has burly arms, a cigarette dangling from his snarling lips, tattoos, and a weighted base.

Both color and mono versions will be available and are limited to 250 pieces (color), and 50 pieces (mono). The Mono version will ONLY be available through the upcoming Bigshot Toyworks Factory Store! In addition, the Bigshot Factory Store version of each plush will include an exclusive, limited edition letterpress print, signed and numbered by the artist! THIS IS GETTING OUTTA CONTROL!

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