Brand Tattoo’s… that should have never been!

August 23, 2009


People decide to get tattoo’s for a range of different reasons… Some may decide to get a tattoo with meaning, some may get a tattoo because it looks cool, some may even get a tattoo as a joke or the result dare and some… like to get… branded! Design Crave recently compiled a selection of ‘over the top’ brand tattoo’s… wow! Check out the insanity after the jump…

3 Responses to Brand Tattoo’s… that should have never been!

  1. Nidge says:

    hahahaha!! was this inspired those peeps who are getting the donut ink’ed???

  2. Trist says:

    hahaha yeh i was thinking the same thing!

  3. Billy Tea says:

    The Cadillac tattoo might not be about the brand. It could be Cadillac as in an ounce packet of cocaine or heroin. Well doubt it…

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