Zenith Zero-G Defy Xtreme

July 15, 2009

Swiss watchmaker Zenith has just added to their DEFY XTREME 2009 collection with an exotic limited edition timepiece. Capable of handling extreme gravity conditions, the Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Zero-G features a tourbillon carriage in a free-moving gyroscopic-styled housing.


It also includes a series of conical shaped regulator gears so that the tourbillon always points down no matter how it’s positioned, ensuring optimal amplitude for the spiral balance-wheel. This Zero-G Defy Xtreme also features a multi-layered dial clad in Hesalite glass, carbon fiber and aluminum beneath two sapphire glasses, a protected crown, helium valve and a titanium bracelet. If you’ve got some spare folding money laying around, you can take one of these home for the mind-blowing price of $500,000.

One Response to Zenith Zero-G Defy Xtreme

  1. blacky says:

    serious macgyver points there. dope as fuck

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