WIN Skull Candy Headphones

July 28, 2009


Fat Kids and Skull Candy are giving 2 lucky people during the month of August to win a pair of Black/Silver Lowriders and a limited edition Skull Crusher Santa Cruz.


All you gotta do is tell Fat Kids why you need a pair of headphones?
2 winners will be randomly picked on 14th of August 09 at 12pm EST

Again, all you need to do is…
Write a comment under this post to tell us why you need a pair of headphones. Simple.

Fat Kids would like to wish everyone Good luck!

For more headphones check out Skull Candy today.




42 Responses to WIN Skull Candy Headphones

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey Fat Kids…
    I'm Daniel from Melbourne and i just came across your site and thought i'd give it a shot winning a pair or Skull candy Lowriders.

    I need them cuz my old pair of headphones broke. I was recently looking for one and came across Skull candy and love the lowriders. PLEASE…pick me!!

  2. lakni says:

    i need skull candy to feed me my beats, ja.

  3. Al says:

    HOLLA yo… love them skull candy's! Hook a brother up! PZ!

  4. blacky says:

    my white ipod buds got trodden on!

  5. Michael (itsmic) says:

    Yo guys.

    How fully-sick are these headphones?

    Anywayz, I would really like them because I am going to get an iPod soon – i am currently mp3less :S

    And yeh, as they all say: iPod headphones suck.


  6. Ivan-19049706 says:

    Hey, I'm Ivan from Melb…

    I need the headphone cause my current one is super duper sucks and because that the Skull candy will looks cool on me if I wear it walking around CBD and uni.

  7. Kirby says:

    Hey fad kiddies…

    Much love to the site and the whole gig yall have goin…

    Alls I gotta say is, wow… mad comp you got running… I kinda need these mega phat headphones cuz my last pair of skull candys got destroyed by an ex-good friend of mine… breaking them was the last straw and I've reverted to $2 crappy headphones since… gah… HELP A GIRL OUT?!

  8. jubbin says:

    Hey Fat Kids,

    Got a pair of headphones that didn't work properly, sent them in for repairs, they came back and worked for a little while, before they finally went to Headphone heaven! Now I'm headphoneless, and desperately need headphones! Help me out with a set of amazing skull candy headphones!

    Much Love!

  9. Al says:

    Ola Fat Kids,
    i'd love me a pair of Skull Candy headphones not just for bragging rights, but for blocking out the crazies that habitually take the same late night tram ride home as me to Northcote.

    Love Al, Northcote

  10. Jessie says:

    So having to share the bus to uni with a variety of private girl-school brats every morning eats away at my soul just a little bit! Help me drown out their fake-tan boy speak!

  11. Nidgee says:

    Hello You Ok? I Real Need These Headphones as i currently have to walk round with a can and a piece string tied to my EmmmmmpeeeeeThwwweeee Playa!!

    Help a Thistleee Out!


  12. bloodsweatandgears says:

    I need some new headphones because some fat f&*k decided to drop his equally overweighted suitcase on top of my day pack at the airport. My MP3 player now makes a not-so-useful paperweight, and my headphones are now in 5 pieces! Curse you you fat f&*k!!!! F*&k you for funking up my shit, and f&*k you for your incessant desire to cram your stupid f^&king suitcase with your week's supply of chocolate,sweets and your mothers stolen underwear- you sick f^&k!

  13. Hannah says:

    Well, for starters Aug 14 is my birthday, a day known as Hunnakah, which is celebrated by sticking on facial hair and drinks on the town. Secondly, I've just started dj-ing on a local radio station and I need to get some decent headphones, but (as I'm sure you're aware) they're quite expensive. As I'm also a full time student any help would be very much appreciated.

  14. Callum says:

    I need these things to block out the sound of that shitty facebook messanger thing popping up. Plus I have a matching santa Cruz screaming hand BBQ apron and mit! gotta have the full kit!

  15. HopeStar says:

    These are just not any headphones, they're rad as! I need a pair of headphones, so I can own a pair of headphones lol! With these headphones I can pump my music and be in my own world! I'll be the best owner, I look after my things so very well with care. Thank you!

  16. Anonymous says:

    dear fatty fat fat kids…would love a pair partly cuz they're amazing but also cuz i somehow got gum all over my now broken ipod ones with the left side dinted screwing up the sound quality from evil dint-causing scissors…but i'll def look after these skull candys for sure..
    can't wait for the 21st!

  17. Travis says:

    Need new cans cause I am a loser.
    I lose everything.My new cans might as well be worth losing.

  18. Andy Kuramoto says:

    Hey Fat Kids!

    Music is my life. I love dancin', groovin' and chillin' with all my fat beats, cause that's what makes me happy… and the fatter the beats, the better!..

    And also because I'm a poor student who can't afford fat headphones like that. So make me a fat brother happy! :D

    Andy @ FK

  19. Mikey says:

    Hi, I need them because my current 7$ headphones from office works are too big for my left ear hole and it hurts when i shove things up there that are just too big!

    and the only other pair i have are those kind that penetrate your ears n i just dont like having headphones that deep inside me! you know?


  20. Anonymous says:

    so i NEED these headphones cos my ears are so retarded that regular bud earphones just pop out of my ears all the time, always at the most crucial of times when the song is just reaching it's climax, thus i am left feeling frustrated and disappointed. the skull candy lowriders would provide the unfailing crisp clear sound amplification i crave.

  21. Hannah Baker says:

    Hey Fat Kids,
    I would love to win these Uber dope Skull Candy headphones to go with the deck i want to buy for my 7 year old daughter, she was taught by my ex to scratch and cut and i'd like her to continue as she loved it!
    And there's nothing cuter than a 7yr old girl rippin up decks ;)
    Oh and i need them to match my superfly kicks ;) Peace x

  22. Brooke Rosner says:

    This head phones are the bees knees i would faint if i won these.

    ps. i found this site by getting a sticker that said "FAR KIDS" and it had this site, best site name EVER, love you guys!


  23. brooke Rosner says:

    Oh i forgot to tell you why i need them…

    I've had 3 pairs of head phones, first ones got old, second i stepped on, and the third one got put in the wash by my sister, and my parents are sick of buying my head phones, if i dont get these i will have to work for the money to buy new ones :P

    love you guys

    xo brooke

  24. Liam says:

    don't you dare give those headphones to me! im serious i would actually be insulted if such a transaction were to take place.

    liam xo

  25. Vincent says:

    Hey Benny and/or Shayne,

    It's your bestest friend Vinny Tang here. This is my desperate attempt at scoring a free pair of headphones because I'm a broke deadshit. Here are my following 3 reasons:

    1. I lost my last set of aiaiai headphones after a night of postering and substance taking, I can't afford to buy another pair because bud don't grow outta my cone piece.

    2. I deserve these headphones because I collect old Santa Cruz gear and ride exclusively Santa Cruz 80's shaped decks, I doubt any of these kiddies even know who Jim Phillips is. Being as much of a mad dog as I am you can understand how I must have these headphones to match my skateboard when I'm shredding pools and smacking hoes.

    3. I have a soft mouth and an open mind ;)

    In light of these points, I hope you understand I deserve these headphones more than anyone else here, especially the moistee that called you guys "FAR KIDS". If not, I hope the length of this comment makes you realize how desperate I am.

    Regards, Vinny

  26. Nai Zi says:

    Vincent is desperate. But he also deserves them. He's a kid who loves Santa Cruz and really does need new headphones.
    But hey, i know he's a funny looking kid, so i wouldn't feel bad if you gave me his pair. I've got cheap 2dollar ones from the reject shop which, lets face it sucks massive balls. (no offense to the reject shop.)
    But being the awesome girlfriend i am, i would probably give em to Vincent. SO, you may as well just listen to his desperate plea and make the boy's month. =D


  27. Hermain says:

    Yo Fat Kids!

    i need these fresh Skull Candy Headphones real bad. my ipod headphones broke so i currently have no headphones. i have been looking for headphones like these but just cant afford them now. So fat kids i really want these and it will make me real happy if i can get them. Thank You

  28. nany bears says:

    hey dudes,
    yeah my moms kinda struggling with work, shes been working 2 jobs on a daily basis and i dont really ask for stuff anymore, only the necessities (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) and ive been dreaming of having a nice pair of skullcrushers or one of the big headphones from skullcandy, i actually purchased the hesh a couple days ago but that was because it was on sale and it was my own money, and the last time i bought headphones was around 2 years ago i think, from skullcandy, cuz once again, it was on sale at a store. I love music, i play music and stuff and it would be awesome to have a nice pair of headphones with good quality so i can jam. Thanks dudes, God bless…

  29. nany bears says:

    oh and because we were at a headphones shortage, my mom started using my skullcandy buds and they broke…so now i have no headphones at all…would be nice to have the lowriders for on-the-go and stuff and skullcrushers for listening at home and stuff…thats alot of stuff lol…anyway you get what i mean, God Bless…

  30. Anonymous says:

    hi tubby darlings!

    ummm i would love those headphones because ive never brought any good headphones in my life coz im a povo! would love to rock it hard core in those headphones with my cd player on the tram and look ghetto fab-u-lous.. and not just ghetto.

  31. douwebs says:

    I need them to use for recording my first album to make it big and a tramp stole my old headphones! the swine.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I just want to block out the world some times


  33. Seb James says:

    Why I need these headphones?

    Well firstly I have none at the moment, so have to put up with other people's conversations on pt, daily.

    Also I'll be serving you guys drinks on the 4th September at Word Bar, gotta keep the bartender happy :)


  34. DankAroma says:

    well i thought id give this a shot..

    the whole reason id like to win these is, well music is my escape. theres nothing like puttin on some music, sitting back listening to every beat, every lyric, knowing that someone put their heart and soul into the song, and just let yourself go, along with all your problems and bullshit.. music is theraputic! all i have is some shitty headphones that i bought from walmart that are terrible. and i dont have extra cash that i can use for some nice headphones, cuz all my money goes towards payin off school shit. plus since im going for recording arts, it would be nice to have some kick ass headphones. thanks

  35. Anonymous says:

    well, basically i want the headphones to match my style…not to mention one of my best friends have a would be good advertising especially where i live :]

  36. JMenSZta says:

    Fat Kids,

    A pair of new big cans will be the perfect size contrast to my tiny winy ipod. Never will i be misplacin it again thank god!

  37. Wasabi Ninja says:

    I have always been into music, but until I listed to my favourite tunes cranked to the limit using a pair of SkullCandy headphones, I was a wimp. Those headphones changed my life! I was rocking out to everything for hours a day. I think this is why they only lasted a year, but I got great use out of them!

    I need a new pair now, and can't go back to using those scrawny little earbuds anymore. I also can't afford a sweet pair of your headphones (for as you may know, musicians are one step above unemployed…). Please help a guy out?

    ROCK ON!

    -Aaron L.

  38. Anonymous says:

    ahhhhhh what the heck .. dont have any .. could use some an i spose they look kinda kool but what would i know .. thankin you :) ))

  39. Souperman says:

    Hey Fat Kids, I'd love a pair cause I need some something to drown out my boring lecturers at University for the next few years.

  40. Ian says:


  41. MioMio says:

    cos my ears are lonely =*( & need sum gud luvin <3

  42. Sean says:

    Hey Fat Kids,

    I'm way fat. These headphones will compliment my way fat head.

    I need all the self esteem I can get.


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