Susan Boyle

April 21, 2009

I was forwarded this link to watch a video of Susan Boyle a 47 year old woman who entered Britain’s got talent 2009. At first glance i didn’t care about it at all, but during my break i had a spare moment so i watched it… i cannot embed this video as it has been blocked)

I would highly recommend you watch this video as it shows how cynical & judgmental our society has become. This video has not only been an eye opener but also inspiration for me and i hope it will be for all you fat kids as well. Please open your eyes to the real world and do not be consumed by false media representations and materialistic goods. Please enjoy the video.



3 Responses to Susan Boyle

  1. blacky says:

    eliza showed me this yesterday, pretty insane, just goes to show kids, first impressions aren’t always right.

  2. 25th Hoodlum says:

    Wow… what a beautiful voice, check out some of her recordings

  3. Ruxton says:

    Don’t judge a book ;)

    Man she was amazing, i only wish i could hit notes even remotely as good as her.

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