Ferg’s Squadt Nozzel S1 (3.30)

March 11, 2009

Ferg’s brilliant Squadt project from Jamungo/ThreeZero is about to drop its first release. This is one of the toy projects that we think of whenever someone asks “What’s hot?” Squadt combines the hyper-detailed realism of 1:6 style military figures with a designer vinyl sensibility. The figures have smaller almost cute proportions and as this first Squadt Nozzel S1 figure shows unexpected twists – hello mr. cyclops.


Squadt Nozzel S1 stands 6” tall, comes with 2 sets of arms (for posin’ and wielding), custom patterned jacket (sick), and machine gun and helmet accessories. Limited to just 100 pieces, the figure drops directly from Jamungo/ThreeZero on March 30th 2009 – keep an eye on www.jamungo.com for the latest info.



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