Triumvir x Street Fighter

January 17, 2009

This is not new news but i just like to say that Triumvir have done a GREAT job in bringing back one of the best and still is the best arcade game in the world, STREET FIGHTER, in one of their collaborative projects.

Who would have thought of collaborating with Capcom’s famous SF game. Damn, I grew up fighting with my brother over who was the better street fighter every day after school in an arcade center near my house and this collaboration, not only brought some fresh air into the industry, but also alot of memories for myself, and i’m sure some of you reading this out there.

Kudo’s to Triumvir & long live Street fighter!

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2 Responses to Triumvir x Street Fighter

  1. St Flames says:

    I was onto this when it dropped and i still got beaten to the punch and missed out. gaydom.

  2. Benny Boo Just Doing The Do says:

    How sick is it?!?!?! I love the whole collection to bits. You can still get them from the triumvir store! Check it out

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