That ill shit… MJ

January 6, 2009




OK, I aint into collecting toys like my boy Benny… but this has to be the illest toy I have seen for the longest time! The good people at Hot Toys have just released a 12″ Michael Jackson collectible figure!!!

It features…

- Trademarked single sequined white glove
- Sequined black coat
- Pants & Shirt
- White socks with black shoes
- Black hat
- Microphone
- Microphone stand
- Three sets of interchangeable hands
- 12 inches figure stand with Michael Jackson nameplate

Due for release this quarter! You best get your hustle on though, it’s only available in Hong Kong and Japan!

- Head Sculpt by Kang In Ae
- Head Art Directed by Yulli
- Paint by JC.Hong



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