Acclaim x Estevan Oriol (so late with this one…)

December 15, 2008


Ok… Ok… I’m really late with this one! It is damn worth it though! Our good friends at Acclaim Magazine recently did a collaboration with one of the worlds most renowned photographers… Estevan Oriol! You may not know who this guy is, but you would definitely know his work (Blink 182 – ‘Down’ video, D12 – ‘I’ll Shit On You’ video, Transplants – ‘Gangsters & Thugs’ video, Psycho Realm – Psycho City Blocks video, Xzibit – Criminal Set video etc). I had to post this up because Estevan is my favorite photographers/directors. You can check him out at Get your ass to to purchase the box set (I’m pretty sure it is only a limited run!).

On a recent tip… you can pick up the latest issue of Acclaim (displayed below) at your local newsagent or cool indie fashion store…




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